Sustainability of Rubber
December 12, 2022

Sustainability of Rubber

Let's discuss the discuss the sustainability of our rubber flooring.

From corporate headquarters to retail stores, rubber is gaining popularity as a more eco-friendly flooring option. New innovative and sustainable ways to use rubber are now available, including terrazzo-looks, rubber cork hybrid, and vulcanized rubber + cork styling. Let’s discuss how this resilient material impacts the planet.

Sustainable Sourcing + Manufacturing

Black granules in our rubber are sourced from post-consumer commercial truck tires. The colored granules are made from high quality EPDM, a synthetic rubber. These are sourced from Germany because they have the lowest VOC, volatile organic compounds, in the market. This means the rubber products Siena supplies achieve FloorScore® certification for indoor air emission standards. Then, during the manufacturing process, water jets reuse their water while slicing rubber blocks into beautiful flooring.



Eco-Friendly Combinations

Rubber can also be combined with other sustainable materials. In addition to our recycled rubber, Siena offers a rubber cork hybrid and a vulcanized rubber with cork flecks. Cork is a rapidly renewable hard surface option that is increasing in popularity. Therefore, both sustainable materials combined provide a refreshing visual with environmental attributes.

Sustainable sourcing, manufacturing, and product combinations create a better environmental story for showing rubber to your clients. Siena will continue raising the bar with the aesthetics and environmental impact of this amazing material - RUBBER!


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