New at Siena
August 2, 2023

New at Siena

This summer has been a big one for Siena with the launch of Boucle and the partnership with Ntgrate!

It has been an exciting past few months at Siena!  

Siena proudly announces the recent partnership with Ntgrate, premium woven vinyl flooring manufactured in Belgium!⁠

Through this partnership, Siena becomes the authorized distributor of Ntgrate woven vinyl for North America. Siena and Ntgrate work in unison to focus on customer satisfaction, sustainability and bringing quality products to the market. ⁠⁠

Ntgrate's premium woven vinyl flooring is available in all 50 states with supporting inventory in Cartersville, Georgia.⁠

⁠The line features more than 80 vibrant colors, a variety of textures and products that are high quality and unique.  

The excitement doesn’t stop there.  

Siena also announces the recent launch of a new collection, Boucle!  

Boucle is a tip shear and all loop pile broadloom with rich neutral tones that will withstand the test of time.  

Featuring 17 colorways, Boucle focuses on tonal shades in lieu of colors. The palette is composed of natural tones that complement today's design trends. The colors were designed to enhance the woven texture of Boucle. Each shade comes in loop and tip sheared allowing each product to be unique and truly one of a kind.  

Siena saw the opportunity to bring a higher-end alternative broadloom option to the market that is rare and valued. Boucle is an ultimate "throw back" to another time that consists of all loop pile construction and tip sheared. It stands out with its heavy face weight and woven texture and appeals to multiple segments.  

More to come.  

Along with the launch of Ntgrate and Boucle, Siena has more exciting things coming in the fall. Think organic textures and rich neutrals, you will not want to miss it. Stay tuned!  

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