High Heels on Flooring
November 10, 2022

High Heels on Flooring

Here are our tips for choosing high heel friendly flooring.

Notorious for leaving scratches and dents, high heels can make floors look less than fabulous. Some floors are better catwalks than others. Here is an exploration of a few of Siena’s best commercial flooring for high heeled shoes. 




Made to withstand the pressure of a 30,000 pound truck, rubber can handle the sharp impact of stilettos. Siena’s curated rubber collections are available in 4 to 10mm+ thickness (with custom abilities) and utilize recycled rubber from truck tires. Known for its ability to bear heavy weights in weight rooms, rubber is specified for a variety of spaces for its durability and underfoot comfort. 




Luxury Vinyl Tile, or LVT, is highly resistant to wear and tear. Siena’s LVT collections have commercial-grade 20-22 mil wear layers that can stand up to the pressure of pumps. LVT is often used in high-traffic restaurants, where clacking high heels and shifting furniture are expected. 




Carpets are a go-to in high-traffic areas, such as hotels and offices, where high heels are the norm. The narrow heels of stilettos are thought to pose a threat to the loops of carpet. However, Siena’s commercial-grade carpets have heavy face weights and are tightly constructed so heels will not catch on loops. 



Whether you are designing a polished corporate office or the perfect date night restaurant, it is important to choose flooring that can withstand high heeled shoes. Rubber, LVT, and Carpets are product categories with beautiful aesthetics and superior durability.


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