Choosing Carpet for your next Law Firm project
October 1, 2022

Choosing Carpet for your next Law Firm project

Here are our expert tips for choosing carpet that will please your Law Firm client for years to come!

So, you are designing an office space for a law firm. This business requires top quality aesthetics and performance. Here are our expert tips when choosing carpet that will please this corporate client for years to come!




Sophisticated patterns and textures are key carpet characteristics for law firm clients. An example is Siena’s Latte broadloom carpet. Latte offers subtle color placement and a sophisticated cross hatch design. Opting for a broadloom construction allows for a seamless visual on the floor.




Whether the “crime” is spilled blood or spilled coffee on the floor, law firms require carpet that lasts. Quality fibers and higher face weights will ensure the longevity of the carpet. Siena’s Latte carpet is constructed with a 50/50 combination of two types of high performance yarns - nylon and wool. Wool is highly elastic, retains its color for years, and has a luxurious look and feel. Like wool, nylon is resistant to stains and contains elastic properties too. Designers appreciate this durable combination for areas with high-traffic and heavy furniture.




Faddish colors do not represent the gravity of law. Instead, opt for neutral tones that reflect this mature, intellectual field. Flooring is also a more permanent design feature, so a timeless color choice can be appreciated for years to come. Add pops of color and texture with wall coverings, art, and accessories that speak to the company’s individual brand.



Law firm offices require carpets that are sophisticated, durable, and timeless – all key elements of Siena's flooring collections.


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