Broadloom vs. Carpet Tile?
November 1, 2022

Broadloom vs. Carpet Tile?

Here are the key differences between broadloom and carpet tile.

Are you choosing a carpet for a sophisticated corporate office? A hip, boutique hotel? Whatever the space, your choice of broadloom or carpet tiles will impact the aesthetics, ease of installation, and cost of your commercial design. Let us uncover some benefits of broadloom and carpet tile to help with your design decision!




Broadloom is a carpet that appears seamless once installed. Hidden seams offer a more sophisticated look and allow for  patterns to match up across the floor. Broadloom carpets with large patterns are typically specified for hospitality projects, such as casinos and hotels. Higher-end corporate projects often call for the refined, seamless look of broadloom. Siena’s broadloom carpets are 12 foot wide or 13’ 2” wide rolls that install with matched up pattern repeats. Installations look seamless and sophisticated.



Carpet tiles, also called modular carpet, are primarily square or rectangular shaped. Carpet tile is praised for its ease of installation, especially during renovation projects. If there is an irreversible stain or damage to the carpet, a tile or tiles can be easily removed and replaced. Siena’s carpet tiles come in 18”x36” planks and 24”x24” tiles. Although larger seamless patterns are best suited with broadloom, you can create patterns with the tiles themselves. Monolithic, quarter turn, and ashlar are popular installation methods. You can also mix and match different colors and patterns of carpet tile to create visual variety.

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