Siena Slate LEED Information

Siena Slate Flooring LEED Information


This document verifies that the Siena Slate product enables project teams to earn credits for the LEED® Certification of Commercial New Construction (NC), Commercial Interiors (CI), and Existing Buildings (EB). Siena Slate Flooring is made from real stone or natural slate, cork, and FSC Certified HDF –finished with a zero-VOC water-based polyurethane coating. This unique combination of 100% sustainable materials makes for a remarkable and original flooring product.

LEED System(s)Applicable CreditLEED Point Value
NC, CIMR 6, Rapidly Renewable Materials1
NC, CIMR 7, Certified Wood1
NC, CIEQ 4.3, Low-Emitting Flooring Systems1
EBMR 3, Alternative Materials1

• Cork accounts for 24% of the product. Therefore 24% of the cost of this product can be applied to your MR6 calculations.

• FSC Certified HDF accounts for 62% of the product. Therefore, 62% of the cost of this product can be applied to your MR7 calculations. Please see the following page for FSC Certificate/COC.

• Because of the sustainable qualities inherent in this product, if you are working on a major renovation project for an existing building then using this product can help you comply with Materials and Resources Credit 3: Sustainable Purchasing – Facilities Alterations and Additions (LEED EBOM).