Siena Recycled Rubber (Interlocking Tile) Technical Specifications

Siena Recycled Rubber Flooring (Interlocking Tile) Technical Specifications

Density:  ASTM D3676 80 pcf
Hardness:  ASTM D2240 (Shore A) 60 +/- 5
Tear Strength:  ASTMD624 70 pli min
Elongation:  ASTM D412 >300%
Tensile Strength:  ASTM D412 >200 PSI
Flexibility:  ASTM F137 ¼” Mandrel Pass
Resistance To Chemicals:  ASTM F925 No change
Coefficient of Friction: ASTM D2047 >0.95
Width:  48" wide rolls
Thickness:  4mm Stantard. Also available in 9mm and custom thicknesses