Siena Leather Flooring Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications  

Siena Leather Flooring Technical Specifications

Board Dimensions 12" x 36"
Total Thickness 10.5 mm Click-System
ClassificationEN 685Domestic 23, Commercial 31
Total Weight 31 pounds per carton
Residual IndentationEN 433Max 0.1 mm
Fire ClassEN 13501Cfl S1
Fire RatingEN ISO 9239-1B-1
StaticEN 1815<2kv
Impact Sound ReductionEN ISO 717-217dB
Thermal RatingEN 125240.05m2K/W
Resistance to ChemicalsEN 423Good
Dimension StabilityEN4340.05%
LightfastISO 1057
Coefficient of FrictionEN 51130R9
Office Chair StabilityEN 425Chair Type W
Gluedown version available upon special request  
The details given above may be subject for the benefit of further improvements  


• LEED Points, No VOC or Formaldehyde

• Antistatic

• Thermal insulation

• Sound insulation

• Suitable for under-floor heating systems

• Beneficial to those with allergies