Siena Cork Flooring LEED Information

Siena Cork LEED Information


This document verifies that Siena Cork Flooring Products enable project teams to earn credits for the LEED® Certification of Commercial New Construction (NC) and Existing Buildings (EB).

LEED SystemApplicable CreditLEED Point Value
NCMR 6, Rapidly Renewable Materials1
NCMR 7, Certified Wood1
NCEQ 4.3, Low-Emitting Flooring System1
EBMR 3, Alternative Materials1

• Siena cork products are manufactured from cork trees from Portugal and Sardina. Cork trees are considered a rapidly renewable resource, as the bark used naturally renews itself after it has been harvested.

• FSC Certified HDF makes up 6.8mm of the overall 10mm thick flooring. Therefore, 68% of the product cost can be counted toward LEED NC MR Credit 7, FSC Certified Wood Products.

• When used in combination with low-VOC adhesives, this flooring type qualifies as a lowemitting flooring system.

• Because of the rapidly renewable quality of this product, if you are working on a major renovation project for an existing building then using this product can help you comply with Materials and Resources Credit 3: Sustainable Purchasing – Facilities Alterations and Additions (LEED EBOM).