Siena Cushion Backed Nylon Carpet Tile Specifications


Construction: Stabilized Multi-layer Composite

Backing Content: 10oz High Performance SBR Pre-coat 50oz PET Laminating Layer 34.5 Polyurethane Composite Cushion Layer

Cushion Layer: 18 lb/ft3

Total Weight: 94.5oz./yd.2 (2240 g./m2)

Cushion Thickness: .140” (+/- 10%)

Cushion Color: Grey

Recycled Content: 45% Post-Consumer Recycled Content

Tile Dimensions: 24”x24” - 12 Tiles per box (5.33 sq. yds.)


Flame Resistance: Passes (DOC FF-1-70)

Static Control: Less Than 3.5 k.v. (step)

Radiant Panel: Class 1 (ASTM E-648)

Smoke Density: Less Than 450 (ASTM E-662)


Wear: Lifetime Limited Warranty

Static: Lifetime Limited Warranty

Edge Ravel: Lifetime Limited Warranty

Zippering: Lifetime Limited Warranty

Pilling & Fuzzing: Lifetime Limited Warranty

Dimensional Stability: Lifetime Limited Warranty

Delamination: Lifetime Limited Warranty

Additional Information

Environmental: Proud Member of the EPA’s Green Power Partnership

Specifications are based on averages from manufacturing processes and may vary within normal industry tolerances. Components may be changed without notice due to raw material shortages and/or technological advances. Such variances do not affect performance.

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