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52nd Street + Straight Path Sales Sheet

September 19, 2017


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Siena Announces Reclaimed Wood Floors and Walls

May 31, 2017

Siena Reclaimed Wood Flooring features a beautiful variety of harvested wood grains that retain all of the luster from its previous use in the Eastern United States.  Every plank is uniquely characterized in wear and appearance, varying from knots and nail holes to saw marks and faded grains.  Siena Reclaimed Wood Flooring is not only naturally beautiful but brings years of history through the wood for truly authentic wood floors and walls. 


Siena Reclaimed Wood Flooring is offered in three distinct looks: Rugged, Smooth, and Original Surface. The Rugged floor options retain all of the natural character inherent in the repurposed wood. Nail holes and dramatic saw marks bring out the personality of the material in its imperfections. Smooth flooring is achieved by planing the original surface, creating a more even surface, while retaining the inherent imperfections of reclaimed wood, then using six different finishes, each highlighting and emphasizing different aspects in the wood tones. The Wall collection features the Original Surface Barnwood as well as three additional colors in faded paint, paying homage to the very barns from which the wood was harvested.


 Benefits and Features:

  • All wood flooring is 100% post-consumer material, reclaimed from sources throughout the Eastern United States
  • Species is Oak for floors, mixed hard and softwoods for walls
  • Janka Hardness Score is approximately 1300 for floors
  • Variety of smokes and oiled finishes to bring out the character in the wood
  • Each board will vary in both size and character, effortlessly showcasing a natural look
  • Natural imperfections will hide new wear as the product ages
  • Solid hardwood construction for greater tolerance to Relative Humidity spans
  • Made to order in the Eastern United States
  • Install glue down or nail/staple


Expect to see variations in each piece including but not limited to: mineral staining, tool marks, weathering, discoloration, rough-sawn, cracking, mixed grain patterns and/or nail holes.  These imperfections are a large part of natural aesthetic of a reclaimed wood and should be embraced and highlighted.  For more visual of color variations go to Siena website or contact the Siena team at, for more information


With more and more wood-appearance patterns showing up in resilient flooring, the Reclaimed Wood Flooring line represents a natural response towards true natural beauty in wood, highlighting rather than de-emphasizing variation and imperfection.


The Siena Reclaimed Wood Flooring provides a stand-out complement of rugged durability to the existing sleek and sophisticated looks in the Siena line. Contrasting the hand-hewn visuals with the contemporary corporate offerings in Siena creates a modern yet classic tone that Siena is excited to bring to the market.


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Recycled Rubber Sales Sheet

May 19, 2017

Siena rubber is a tough and durable flooring option that brings easy maintenance and wear resistance to any project. While typically thought of for gym and fitness applications, Siena Rubber Flooring's colorful combinations allow for a variety of uses in any application.

·         SBR and EPDM rubber:

o    SBR (synthetic butyl rubber) is recycled rubber – Our SBR is sourced exclusively from commercial grade truck tires, meaning it is superior quality to those coming from all tire forms. Additionally this means that our product is not using exclusively virgin rubber like many others. This SBR is 100% post-consumer recycled material.

o    EPDM is the colored granules – sourced exclusively for low odor, and high UV resistance, for clearer and more long lasting color

o    Siena Rubber Flooring comes in 100% recycled (all black), and the recycled content is reduced proportionally to the amount of color added. Siena Recycled Rubber Flooring has 10, 20, 35, and 95% color options.


General Benefits:

o    Rolled goods allow for fewer seams compared to tile options

o    Rubber is unique amongst other floors – it gets less slippery when wet. This means it is ideal for any area where water and potential falling hazards may occur

o    Rubber has a high “bounce back” property in that it will retain its form despite wear

o    Extremely durable and easy to clean. Siena Rubber also does not require a sealant upon installation, allowing for easy install and no wear layer to scuff or re-apply.

o    Great comfort under foot, reduced impact and outstanding acoustical properties

o    No added latex

·         General Notes:

o    4’ wide rolls

o    4mm and 9mm standard

o    4mm is suitable for most standard applications, including most fitness areas. 9mm is necessary for larger free weights and for increased impact absorption.

o    American Made

o    Green Circle Certified for sustainable manufacturing and recycled content.

o    Installed in Ice Rinks, Stadiums, Ski-Resorts, Fitness Areas – anywhere needing the safety, durability and resilience of Siena Rubber.

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Rubber Cork Sales Sheet

May 19, 2017

Siena rubber cork flooring is a versatile product that brings out the best qualities of both rubber and cork for a floor that has a number of great benefits. The vibrant color line and flexibility of use allows for creativity of design on any project.


SBR and EPDM rubber infused with cork:

o    SBR is recycled rubber – Our SBR is sourced exclusively from commercial grade truck tires, means it is superior quality to those coming from all tire forms. Additionally this means that our product is not using exclusively virgin rubber like many others

o    EPDM is the colored granules – sourced exclusively from Germany because their product is extremely low odor

o    Infused with Cork – sourced out of Portugal – Cork is a rapidly renewable resource (important for LEED) as cork comes from the bark of a cork tree rather than cutting a whole tree down


·         Cork infusion:

o    Helps with insulation – keeps space warmer compared to other products – cuts down on heating costs

o    Has a long life expectancy – many instances of the product being in place for 20 years

o    Reduces sound impact – helps in both ambient noise dampening within a space as well as sound transfer between levels

o    High traction – rubber has high traction and actually increases traction when wet (most surfaces get more slippery)

o    Impact reduction – beneficial for falls/slips – application in senior living / healthcare uses


·         General Benefits:

o    Losing recycled content in more color is made up for by having rapidly renewable cork

o    Water Cut edges – means superior accuracy for precise tiles and almost seamless visual in interlocking tiles

o    “Made Flat, Stays Flat” – rubber and cork both have high “bounce back” properties in that they will return to their original form – as a result being cut flat originally means that the product will not curl around the edges – also means you will not need to weigh down the product at installation

o    Block Cut – the ability to cut multiple thicknesses from the same block means more available custom thicknesses


·         General Notes:

o    Square Tiles are 38”x38”, interlocking are 37”x37”

o    Available thicknesses from 4mm up to 12mm – Lowest on interlocking is 8mm

o    DinoCoat sealant after install – protects the product and seals from moisture – is a no strip product so it makes re-application easy

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March 21, 2017

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Siena Promotional LVT Video

March 21, 2017

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